11 Affirmations That Can Help You To Be Happier Right Now

If you feel down in any way, and you can’t seem to find a way to be happier right now, these affirmations will help. They can lift your mood, help you feel more optimistic, give you hope, boost your vibration, and get you unstuck from your negative thought cycle.

1. I Am In Control Of My Happiness

When you choose to use the affirmation that you are in control of your happiness, it immediately shifts your mindset from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful.

You recognize that you have the power to create your own happiness, which gives you a sense of control and self-efficacy.

The result is that you feel happier right now because you believe that you can make positive changes in your life.

This affirmation also helps you to see the brighter side of things by reminding you that you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. This means that even if bad things are happening, you know that you have the ability to make yourself feel better.

Overall, using the affirmation “I am in control of my happiness” is a great way to be happier right now because it boosts your mood and increases your sense of well-being.

2. I Choose To Be Happier Right Now

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s not something that you can physically touch or hold in your hand, but it’s something that you can feel in your heart. And like all states of mind, it starts with a choice.

When you say to yourself, “I choose to be happier right now,” you are making a decision to see the world through a positive lens. No matter what might be happening in your life at the moment, you are choosing to focus on the good.

This simple affirmation is a reminder that happiness is a choice – and it’s a choice that you can make right now.

So go ahead and choose to be happier right now.

3. I Am Worthy Of Happiness

We are constantly bombarded with messages telling us that we are not good enough, that we need to do more or be better in order to be happy. As a result, it’s easy to fall into the belief that we are not worthy of happiness.

However, this is simply not true.

We all have a right to happiness, no matter what our circumstances may be.

By repeating the affirmation ‘I am worthy of happiness,’ we can begin to break down the negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back from experiencing true joy.

When we truly believe that we are worthy of happiness, we will start to see positive changes in our lives. We will attract more of what we want and start to experience a sense of inner peace and contentment.

So if you’re looking for a way to be happier right now, try using the affirmation ‘I am worthy of happiness.’ It just might be the change you’ve been needing.

4. I Deserve To Be Happy

One of the most basic affirmations is also one of the most powerful: “I deserve to be happy.” This simple statement can help to shift your thinking in a way that leads to greater happiness.

All too often, we believe that we are not worthy of happiness, or that happiness is something that we have to earn. As a result, we focus our attention on all the things that we feel we need to do in order to be happier.

However, happiness is a state of mind, and it’s up to each one of us to decide whether or not we’re going to allow ourselves to experience it.

When you remind yourself that you deserve to be happy, you’re making the decision to open yourself up to happiness right now. It’s an act of self-love and self-acceptance that can have a profound impact on your overall well-being and happiness right now.

5. I Am Grateful For What I Have And What Is To Come

It is easy to take the things we have for granted. We wake up each day and go about our lives, hardly giving a thought to the many blessings we enjoy. However, research has shown that taking a moment each day to appreciate the good in our lives can have a profound impact on our happiness and well-being.

When we repeat positive statements such as ‘I am grateful for what I have and for what is to come,’ we help to retrain our brain to focus on the positive.

This, in turn, can lead to increased levels of happiness and satisfaction. And it can work pretty darn fast! Ramp up your gratefulness right now and see what happens.

6. I Attract Happiness Into My Life

According to the law of attraction (or positive thinking if you like), we attract into our lives whatever we focus on. If we focus on negativity, we will attract more negativity. But if we focus on happiness, we will attract more happiness.

The affirmation ‘I attract happiness into my life’ is a powerful statement that can help us to change our thinking and start attracting more happiness into our lives.

When we say this affirmation, we are focusing on happiness, and this helps us to feel happier in the moment.

Additionally, the more we say this affirmation, the more it will become ingrained in our minds, and the more likely we are to start attracting happiness into our lives on a regular basis.

7. I’m Getting Better Every Single Day

When we repeat this affirmation to ourselves, we are reminding ourselves that we are on a journey of growth and improvement.

We are also affirming our belief that we can get through whatever challenges come our way.

This affirmation helps us to let go of the past and focus on the present moment.

It also gives us hope for the future.

In short, when we repeat this affirmation, we are filling our minds with positive thoughts and setting ourselves up for the ability to be happier right now.

8. I Am Open To Receiving Happiness

One reason that using the affirmation ‘I am open to receiving happiness’ can help you to be happier in the moment is that it allows you to let go of any preconceived notions about what happiness looks like.

So often, we get caught up in our day-to-day lives and forget to stop and appreciate the little things that make us happy.

However, when we use this affirmation, we are reminding ourselves to be open to happiness in all forms, whether it comes in the form of a beautiful sunset or a friendly smile from a stranger.

By doing so, we are much more likely to notice and appreciate the happy moments that come our way (even what you should be happy about right this moment), which can lead to lasting feelings of happiness.

Additionally, using this affirmation can help to shift our focus from negative experiences to positive ones. By focusing on being open to happiness, we are more likely to dwell on positive experiences and brush off negative ones. This can lead to an overall increase in happiness levels, as we are constantly reminded of the good in our lives.

9. I’m Overflowing With Happiness

By repeatedly affirming that we are happy – or even overflowing with happiness – we train our brain to pay more attention to happiness-inducing experiences.

In other words, if you find yourself focused on all the things that are going wrong, this affirmation can shift your focus to all the things that are going right.

10. I Am Surrounded By Love And Happiness

When we are faced with challenging situations, it is easy to fall into a spiral of pessimistic thoughts. However, by repeating an affirmation such as “I am surrounded by love and happiness,” we can remind ourselves of the good in our lives and refocus our attention on the present moment.

The result is a greater sense of happiness and peace and the ability to be happier right now.

11. I Am Grateful For All The Blessings In My Life

Research has shown that gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel. Expressing gratitude has been shown to increase happiness and well-being, boost immune systems, reduce stress levels, and even improve sleep quality.

Focusing on what you are grateful for each day can help shift your perspective from negative to positive and increase your overall happiness.

In addition, taking time to appreciate all the good in your life can help you to be more present in the moment and less focused on what you may lack.

By using this affirmation, you can open yourself up to feeling more joy, peace, and love every day.

These affirmations are powerful statements that can help you to feel happier. Pick what works for you right now and say the affirmations over and over again until you start to feel better. Remember, you are in control of your happiness. Choose to be happier right now!

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