71 Ways To Make The Next 365 Days Your Best Year Ever

Do you want to make the next 365 days your best days ever? You don’t need to wait until the New Year to make the following 365 days great. It doesn’t matter if it’s January 1st or September 21st, you can make today day one and start your best year ever.

From making small changes to your daily routine to setting bigger long-term goals that will take some effort and dedication, here are some tips that can help make this year better than any other year in your life. With these strategies in hand, you’ll be well on your way toward achieving greater heights of success and contentment by the end of your 365 days.

71 Ways To Make The Next Year Your Best Year Ever

best year ever

There are many things you can do to make this next year the best year ever. Choose a few from the list below and start working on them today.

1. Keep It Simple

Start with simple habits like drinking more water, exercising daily, setting aside time for yourself each day, and setting achievable goals.

Choose simple things you can start doing right now to ensure your year is going to go great and end with a bang.

For instance, what would your life look like if you exercise daily for the next 365 days? Even if it’s just a simple walk.

2. Focus On Mental And Physical Health

If you want to have the best year ever, you need to be healthy. Which means your number one priority is you.

Take steps to improve your mental and physical health – get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, take mental health days, and take up a sport or activity that you enjoy.

3. Prioritize Your Relationships

For the next year, make sure you prioritize your relationships and spend time with the people who uplift you and help you have a great day, month, or year.

In short, make conscious choices in terms of relationships – let go of people who bring negative energy into your life and make space for those who lift you up and support you.

4. Make Time For Things That Make You Happy

Spend more time doing things that make you happy. Carve out time in your day, week, month, or year to do what makes you happy, whether it’s daily baths or a week-long vacation once a year.

5. Learn Every Day

Learn something new every day – reading, researching, taking a class – anything that will expand your knowledge and help you reach your goals.

Your life will improve drastically when you learn something new each day. You will become more confident, more productive, and happier as a result!

6. Make Time For Contemplation

Best Year Ever

Set aside time for reflection and contemplation about how your life is going and what you really want so that you can better understand yourself and what is best for your success in the future.

7. Take Risks

Don’t be afraid to try something new or to step outside of your comfort zone occasionally! If you want to make the next year your best year ever, then you don’t want to have a lot of negative emotions like regret. Regret is a common feeling that comes from not taking risks to be who you want or get what you want.

8. Make Plans

Make short-term, medium-term, and long-term plans for the next year and stick to them as best as possible; even if things don’t go according to plan, keep moving forwards with small achievable steps each day towards your ultimate goal.

If you are not sure what you want for the next year, give Lifebook a try.

9. Celebrate Your Successes

When you hit a milestone, or achieve something big or small, take the time to acknowledge and appreciate it! Celebrating your successes is important for a good year because it allows you to acknowledge your progress and keeps you motivated to keep pushing forward.

10. Stop Doing Things That Hurt You Or Your Success

Make a ‘stop doing’ list and stop doing things like procrastinating, taking on too much, letting external factors control your decisions, or other bad habits.

The more bad habits you eliminate, the better your year is going to be.

11. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to have a great year because they want to have a great year too. Find a mentor or someone else who can help push you to reach your best self!

12. Ask Good Questions

Ask yourself thought-provoking questions about where you want to be in the future, what brings you joy and helps you grow, and what actions are best for your success.

The more questions you ask, the more answers you will get.

13. Reduce Stress

Stress can cause procrastination and wasted days, which don’t help add up to a good year. When you are stressed out, reduce your stress by setting aside time for relaxation each day; this could include mindfulness activities such as yoga or meditation.

14. Grow Intellectually

Along with your mental and physical health, make sure you take care of your intellectual health so that you stay sharp and focused on achieving your goals!

15. Make Time For Fun

Make sure you’re taking time out from work and other commitments to do something purely for pleasure.

Fun activities make you feel good and re-energize you so that you can make the most of your day.

16. Set Realistic Expectations

You want it to be a great year, so there are a lot of things you probably want to do, experience, or accomplish. However, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve everything at once because that’s impossible and it will end up backfiring on your mental health and your ability to accomplish what you want. It’s ok to take your time!

17. Show Gratitude Daily

This is non-negotiable if you want to have the best year ever. Gratitude improves every aspect of your life. Remember to show appreciation for the things that bring you joy, even if they’re small or simple.

18. Find A Way To Give Back

Find a cause that resonates with you and dedicate some of your best efforts towards making a difference in the world! This will help you have the best year every by making a real impact on other people’s lives and boosting your happiness quotient.

19. Make The Most Of Today

You know the rule – you might not have tomorrow. So make the most of today. If you get a years’ worth of days, and you make the most of every day, then you will have made the most of the year.

20. Take Control Of Your Finances

Finances cause a lot of stress and can impact your year in a positive or negative way, depending on what is happening. Set up budgeting plans that allocate money where it will best serve your best year ever. And do things to bring in more income.

21. Know What Makes You Happy

When you don’t know what makes you happy, how can you have the best year ever? It’s very important to take a deep dive into your life and figure out what makes you happy in each aspect of your life – relationships, work, etc. Take the time to figure this out, and everything you need to do for more happiness will become clear.

22. Invest In Your Best Year Ever

If you want to expand your awareness, and you have an option between going out to eat a few times or buying a yearly subscription to a personal development program or site, choose wisely. Invest in yourself and what will give you the best year ever.

23. Take A Look At Past Years’ Letdowns And Mistakes

Don’t let the past get you down… learn from it!

If there’s something that needs changing in order for this year to be different, then make it happen!

24. Be More Mindful

best Year ever mindful

Be mindful of how you spend your time. There are so many things we do without thinking. When you become mindful of how you spend your time, you focus on activities that are meaningful and useful towards reaching your best year ever!

25. Spend More Time Outdoors

Nature makes you feel connected to something bigger than yourself and at the same time helps ground you and increase your mindfulness.

Let the sun shine on you or the rain fall on you or the snow melt on you while you take some time away from technology and relax in nature.

26. Make New Connections

Make this the best year ever by making new connections with likeminded people. Remember, having likeminded friends around can help keep you motivated for the best year ever. So the more, the merrier.

Plus, each relationship you have will teach you something more about yourself and what you want out of life, which will further help you have the best year ever.

27. Try New Things

Try new routines, habits, activities, routes, etc. Taking a leap of faith can help you reach new levels of success and greatness!

28. Get Enough Sleep

The best year every consists of a lot of action and some really good sleep to maintain your physical and mental health. Ensure that you are well-rested so that your body and mind are best prepared to reach all of your goals.

29. Stay Organized

Use organizational apps or planner. Set up a system which will plan out each day, week, and month accordingly, so nothing falls through the cracks.

30. Be Creative

Try things like painting or writing poetry as an outlet for expressing yourself and tapping into your best self. Creativity is important for maintaining emotional and mental health, and it has connections to your physical wellbeing as well.

31. Eat Good, Whole Foods

Make sure your diet is healthy and balanced; give yourself the best chance of reaching optimal performance each day by eating the best foods for your body.

32. Find Ways To Stay Motivated

If you want to have your best year ever, you can’t give up after a week or two. To stay motivated, read books, listen to podcasts, or watch inspiring videos that will help you stay focused on success.

33. Appreciate The Little Things

It’s easy to get caught up in big goals but remember moments spent appreciating smaller successes can add up too! This falls back to gratitude, but the focus on all those things you might miss if you are not looking – a kind smile, when something goes your way, a good supper, etc.

34. Maintain Hobbies

Hobbies are great outlets of fun and relaxation, and they can also provide you with invaluable lessons to be best prepared for the best year ever. Hobbies keep boredom at bay and, as a bonus, give you something to talk about when you are forming new relationships. People are interested in what you do for fun.

35. Set Achievable Goals

Having specific, measurable goals will help you stay motivated and on track towards achieving what you want in life!

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36. Learn From Your Mistakes

Things are going to go wrong, even when you are trying to have the best year ever.

Don’t dwell too much on things that don’t work out; instead focus on how you can use them to make this year better than ever.

37. Embrace Change

Embrace change

When you can go with the flow, life is more fun. Even if it means going outside of your comfort zone, being open to new opportunities is a great way to make this year your best one ever.

38. Say Yes More Often

Take advantage of new opportunities and be willing to try things out; this is one of the best ways to make sure that this year is even better than the last!

39. Spend Time Around Positive People And Situations

Energy is contagious whether it is negative or positive. Therefore, surround yourself with those who have inspiring goals and motivations for their best year ever. And put yourself into positive situations where you can soak up the energy.

40. Make Your Space Comfortable

Just as you should invest in yourself, you should also invest in your space – your home and your work. Bring in items that you make you feel happy and comfortable so that it’s easier to make this year your best one ever.

41. Take Time For Yourself

First and foremost, don’t forget to relax, even if it means taking a few moments out of each day to just breathe and reflect on how great life is!

But you can also go on solo trips or solo walks. Being alone is very important for regaining perspective and staying peaceful.

42. Maintain Faith

No matter how challenging things may seem, maintain your faith that you have what it takes to make this best year ever.

43. Support Your Body’s Health

Besides exercising and eating right, regular check ups and supporting your body’s health is important. It’s about prevention of disease and optimal health.

Don’t forget to do things like boost your body’s detox process and take vitamins that keep your body working optimally.

Keeping your heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and digestive health in working order is essential to have a good year because if your health goes, so does your ability to have the best year ever.

44. Find Some Purpose

Make sure that you’re living life with purpose. Whether it’s to create a better life for you or someone else, purpose can provide motivation and meaning to life.

You can find purpose in any number of ways: through your profession, creative pursuits or helping others. Whichever avenue you choose, it’s important to keep the purpose in mind throughout the year.

45. Reflect & Celebrate Your Achievements

As each month comes to an end, take some time for self-reflection and to celebrate the small victories you’ve achieved. This can help to keep you motivated and focused on your journey throughout the year. Just remember that it’s okay to give yourself credit for even the smallest of accomplishments.

46. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

Acknowledge that you don’t have everything down yet. But, don’t let your weaknesses stop you from making this best year ever, instead use them as a learning opportunity to become even better.

47. Focus On Growth In All Areas

Make sure that this best year ever is all about growth. The keys to personal growth include focusing on developing yourself and growing in new ways to make sure you have the best year yet and an even better year next year.

48. Accept That Life Is Unpredictable

You can predict your year to go a certain way, but life is unpredictable. Things happen. Other people put a wedge in your plans. Things change and end and start.

If you accept that life is unpredictable, you will have an easier time navigating life when unexpected things happen.

49. Celebrate the Small Moments Too!

When it comes to having your best year ever, don’t forget to celebrate the small moments too! Make sure you take time each day to appreciate all the good in your life and acknowledge how far you have come – even if it’s just one step or accomplishment at a time. It adds up over time!

50. Trust Yourself and Your Decisions

One of the best ways to have your best year yet is to trust yourself and your decisions. Nothing is set in stone – you can always change course when needed. It’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them! Remember, you are the captain of your own ship.

51. Find Balance

It’s important to have a healthy mix of work, rest, and play so that you can best take advantage of this best year ever.

52. Set Healthy Boundaries

Practice self-care and take responsibility for your own happiness; create healthy boundaries so that this best year can be stress-free. You can set boundaries by saying “no” to things that don’t energize you, and taking time for yourself away from stressful environments.

53.  Choose Happiness

It really is a choice. You can choose to see the positive side or the negative side. No matter what happens, make the conscious choice to stay positive and enjoy this best year ever!

54. Live Life On Your Own Terms

Don’t let other people’s opinions dictate how you live. When you know what will make your year the best year ever, do it!

55. But Take Into Consideration Well Meaning Opinions

While you should live life on your own terms to create your best year, it’s important to stay open minded when other people have well meaning criticisms or opinions if they have your best interest at heart. They may be able to see something you can’t – something that could hurt you or help you – and their advice could go a long way.

56. Trust Your Intuition

When it comes to decisions, trust in yourself and the universe. Making conscious choices from a place deep within you will help you create the best year of your life!

57. Practice Self-Love

Value yourself and be kind to yourself. Loving yourself will make this best year even more fulfilling.

58. Choose Your Battles Wisely

Not everything is worth fighting for. If you are always fighting, then you have no time to be present, enjoy life, be grateful, etc.

Pick your battles this year and focus on what’s important to you.

59. Forgive Others

Forgiveness will make your year so much better because it will free up a lot of energy that would otherwise be stuck in the past.

No matter how tough life gets, being grateful for what you already have will help you focus on the positive and find ways to make this year even better.

60. Enjoy The Journey

Don’t rush through this year or get too caught up in reaching goals; savor each moment, appreciate all that you experience and enjoy this best year!

61.  Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board will help you easily visualize your goals and stay focused on achieving them throughout the year. Put pictures and words that remind you of what matters to you most, and look back on it when motivation is needed!

62. Make Lots Of New Recipes

This year, take time to make all the delicious recipes you’ve been wanting to try. Expand your culinary skills and make mealtime more fun for yourself and anyone else you’re cooking for! At the end of the year, your culinary skills and your taste buds will have both grown!

63. Give Work Your Best

Whatever you do for work, do your best every day. Not only will it feel good at the end of the day when you’ve put your best foot forward, it will also help you advance your career and be successful. Who knows, maybe you can exceed your own expectations this year!

64. Join At Least One Online Club

Take some time to join an online club or community that focuses on something you’re passionate about. This is a great way to meet new people who share the same interests as you, learn more about your topic of choice, and even get involved in projects and activities that help improve the world around you in a way that is fun and inspiring to you.

65. Take Time To Meditate

Meditation has been found to have a huge number of health benefits, both mentally and physically. Taking time each day to sit in silence and reflect on the things that are important to you can help bring balance and clarity into your life. Try setting aside just 10 minutes every day to meditate and see what kind of profound effect it has!

66.  Learn Some History

Take the time to watch the history channel or study up on a subject that interests you. Doing this will help you have a great year because it will give you a greater appreciation for the world around you. Learning can help you discover new places, people, and ideas – all of which can enrich your life in many different ways.

67. Explore Your Passions

Take some time to explore what truly interests you in life. What do you love doing? Is there something that sparks your curiosity or passion?

By exploring your passions, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and what really makes you tick. This will help you make more informed decisions in life and stay true to who you truly are.

68. Read As Often As Possible

Reading is good for the mind and soul. It can help you learn new things, expand your knowledge, and open up the world to a wealth of possibilities.

Reading often will give you a better understanding of different cultures, people, and ideas – which will in turn help you grow as an individual.

69. Practice Lucid Dreaming

Don’t waste your sleep! Try lucid dreaming! There are many benefits to lucid dreaming which will help you impact your waking life in a positive way for the best year ever!

For instance, lucid dreaming can help you explore your innermost thoughts and feelings. It can be used to confront fears, gain insight into the workings of your mind, and even aid in problem solving.

70. Embrace The Supernatural

This may seem like a weird thing to do to have the best year ever, but it’s actually an important part of looking outside of yourself and understanding the world around you.

By embracing the supernatural, you can gain a better understanding of how mysterious and beautiful our universe is.

You can explore different religions and spiritual traditions to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Who knows — maybe it will even guide you towards having your best year ever!

71. Start To Learn A New Language

Learning a new language will help increase your understanding of different cultures and open up new horizons. It will also give you another way to express yourself, which can be very liberating.

Learning a language is not easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort in the end.

Start small by picking up a few basic phrases and words from books or online resources and then gradually build from there. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn and how it will open up new opportunities for you.

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