How To Be Grateful When Life Sucks

We have already talked about why we should be grateful for what we have, but sometimes that is easier said than done! Sometimes we have to go through periods in life that we do not enjoy and it’s then that we need gratitude the most to keep us from falling into a pit of despair and negativity.

For instance, a friend of mine was pregnant and hated it. She hated it so much that it began to affect her mental and physical health in a big way, and she knew she needed to start focusing on the things that were good about it. She couldn’t find many things to be grateful for, but she did focus on the few things she could find. She focused on the fact that she was able to get pregnant and carry a baby in her. She focused on being able to bring a life into the world. And she focused on the fact that her pregnancy would be over soon, and she would have the rest of her life to enjoy a non-pregnant body and mind.

Why It’s Important To Be Grateful Even When Life Is Not Great

Be Grateful

It’s important to be grateful during bad times because gratitude is one of the most powerful happiness boosters.

Gratitude helps us:

  • Feel optimistic
  • Enjoy life’s experiences good and bad
  • Improve our health
  • Deal with hardship
  • Build powerful relationships
  • Much, much more.

So even though it can be tough, try to find things to be grateful for in the midst of tough times. It will make a world of difference in your overall happiness.

5 Steps To Find Gratitude When You Are Stuck Doing Things You Don’t Enjoy

Here’s a simple process to bring more gratitude into your life, even when things are not going well in your life.

Step 1: Make A Commitment To Shift Your Focus

The first step is to make a commitment to shift your focus. Making a commitment to do something is important because it increases the chance of successfully accomplishing the goal. When you make a commitment, you put your reputation on the line and are more likely to be successful because others are counting on you.

When you’re going through tough times, it’s easy to dwell on the negative and forget about the positive. However, if you want to be grateful for the things you don’t enjoy, you need to actively look for the good. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll focus on the positive, no matter what.

Tell everyone you can that you are actively looking for the good. Put up notes around the house that you are someone who wants to actively look for things to be grateful for.

Make a commitment to be someone who focuses on things they are grateful for rather than things that they don’t like. Then be that person.

Step 2: Acknowledge The Negative

The second step is to acknowledge the negative. It’s important to be honest with yourself and recognize that tough times are a part of life.

Don’t try to pretend that life is lollipops and rainbows if it’s not.

Be someone who recognizes that life isn’t going the way they want but can find enjoyment in it anyways.

Step 3: Find The Positive In The Negative

The third step is to find the positive in the negative. This can be tough, but it’s important to look for the silver lining.

Even in the darkest of times, there is always some good to be found. For example, you might be going through a tough breakup, but you can be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned about yourself.

In order to be grateful for things we don’t enjoy, we need to be able to find the silver lining. Here are five steps that can help:

1. Acknowledge that there is something good in the situation, no matter how small it may seem.

2. Find the lesson or growth opportunity in the situation.

3. Look for ways that you have benefited from the situation.

4. Be thankful for any lessons you have learned from the experience.

5. Let go of any resentment or bitterness that you may be feeling.

Step 4: Be Thankful For The Good Times

The fourth step is to be thankful for the good times. It’s important to remember that tough times don’t last forever. There will be good times again. In the meantime, be grateful for the happy memories you have and the good times you know are yet to come.

And each day, try to find something good. Even it’s just a few minutes of relaxation or doing something that you love, be thankful for it. This positive acknowledgment can help you find more things to be thankful for throughout your day or carry you through the day.

Step 5: Practice Gratitude As Much As Possible

The final step is to practice gratitude as often as you can. Every day, every hour, every minute, try to practice gratitude.

Gratitude is a habit, and like any habit, it takes time and effort to develop. But the more you practice gratitude, the easier it will be to find things to be thankful for, even in the midst of tough times.

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