I Found $2 So I Spent $1200 At The Casino: How I Stopped Gambling

This is my story about the last time I gambled at the casino and how I quit gambling at casinos for good. Let’s start off by saying that I loved gambling at the casino, but I was really bad at it. I would win, put it all back in, and then pull out more money to try and win back what I lost. This happened every single time I went to the casino.

The casino is the only place where I couldn’t control myself. I had no self-control to stop playing the slots. I always believed that I was going to win something bigger and better, which I only did a few times.

Because of this, I would always leave the casino feeling upset (to an extent that is scary and hard to describe) and flabbergasted that I had done it all again. It made me feel weak and stupid and useless.

The Last Time I Gambled At The Casino

quit going to the casino

I was out walking my dog in the morning and I found a toonie. I took this as a sign of luck, and in my warped gambling addict mind thought it meant I would hit big at the casino if I went.

The problem was that I didn’t actually have money to play the slots.

I didn’t have money for food or gas.

I had money to pay the bills, and that was it.

But still, I decided I would only play a couple of hundred dollars, win some money for food and gas, and then leave.

That was how I thought every time I went to the casino. I was going to hit a bit and then leave with some winnings. Maybe $60. Maye $100. Maybe $200. I always had a number in mind.

I went with my $200 fully expecting to win and when I didn’t, I pulled out another $400.

One of my big problems with playing the slots is that I couldn’t get up and move around. I would get on a machine and play as hard as I can on it because obviously it would eventually pay out. Right?

When I didn’t win on that $400, I pulled out another $400. When I didn’t win on that, I pulled out another $400.

At 2 am, I stopped myself from pulling out more money and went home.

The pain I felt was indescribable.

That pain doesn’t go away once you get home. It can last for weeks as you deal with money issues, lack, credit, etc.

That pain was enough to motivate me to ensure I never felt it again.

How I Stopped Gambling At The Casino

I knew that there were better things I could spend my money on. I knew that I was spending more money that I had. But knowing these things didn’t help me stop going because I believe that I would be able to win back my money – enough money that I could afford to buy whatever I wanted.

There are a few creative things I did to stop going to the casino. They worked for me. They might work for you.

I Made It A Sin To Go To The Casino And Just Said No

The first rule I set out for myself was to not go into the casino anymore.

I’m big on wordplay, so since ‘sin’ and ‘no’ are both in Casino, that’s what I focused on every time I thought of the casino. I made it feel like a straight-up sin to go to the casino and I would constantly tell myself no as I thought of the casino.

I Made Myself Believe That I’m Not A Good Fit For The Casino

This is how I quit smoking 20 years earlier. I told myself that I liked to smoke but I wasn’t someone who could smoke and stay healthy.

The more I affirmed that to myself, the more I believed it.

Same with the casino. It would be fitting to say that I hate the casino because I do have a love/hate relationship with it. But deep down it’s not an affirmation that would keep me from the casino.

I found it easier to believe that even though I liked the casino (when I first walked in and before I started losing my money), I was not a good gambler.

I consistently told myself the casino and I didn’t mix. I made sure that I believed it was a bad place for me because I lost all control over myself when I would go in there.

I Visualized The Casino As A Money Sucking Entity

I used to visualize the casino as a bank machine. I could go in there, win some money, and come out. That’s what drove me to go there!

When I decided I didn’t want to go to the casino anymore, I visualized it as a living entity that was waiting for me to step inside so it could suck all the money out of me.

I went deep with this. I gave the casino a paranormal feel where demons were waiting for me so that they could play with my mind and keep me feeding them money.

This really worked to help me see the casino in a different light.

You may want to visualize the casino as your mother-in-law who tries to steal your joy and self-worth. I could have done that too.

Or you may want to visualize the casino as your childhood bully who steals your lunch money.

Whatever resonates with you can pack a powerful punch.

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