8 Ways To Use Déjà Vu To Your Advantage For Personal Growth

Déjà vu is a sensation that most people experience at some point in their lives. It’s the eerie sensation of having been somewhere before or encountered something before. Déjà vu can be disorienting and confusing, but it can also be used to your advantage.

Déjà vu is often a sign that you’re on the right track, and that you should keep going in the same direction. Déjà vu can be used for personal growth in a few different ways.

Following are 8 ways you can use déjà vu to your advantage.

déjà vu

1. Acknowledge The Feeling

The first step is to simply acknowledge the feeling when it happens. Don’t let it slip away!  Be present and pay attention.

This can be difficult because déjà vu is often fleeting and hard to pin down. Pay attention to your surroundings and how you’re feeling in the moment. Let it linger for a while.

2. Trace The Sensation Back To Its Source

Once you’ve acknowledged the feeling, try to trace it back to its source.

What were you doing just before the feeling hit?

Were you thinking about something specific?

By identifying the source, you can begin to understand why you’re experiencing déjà vu.

3. Compare The Current Situation To Past Experiences

Once you’ve identified the source of the feeling, compare the current situation to past experiences with déjà vu. If there are similarities between the two situations, then it’s likely that your déjà vu is telling you something very important.

4. Use Negative Déjà Vu As A Sign To Take Action And Change Direction

If your déjà vu feels bad to you, it could be telling you that something needs to be done differently. Use it as a sign to take action.

Maybe you need to change your approach or try something new.

Maybe what you are doing is not going to work out for you and you need to change direction completely.

Whatever it is, listen to your intuition and take action accordingly.

5. Keep A Journal Of Your Experiences

Keeping a journal of your experiences can be helpful in understanding your patterns and tendencies.

Each time you have déjà vu, jot down what happened and how you felt afterward. Over time, you’ll start to see common themes emerge.

As you see these themes emerge, you will spot issues and concerns that keep leading you back to the same situations and experiences, and then you can take some positive action to get out of the hamster wheel and move forward.

6. Feel The Connection

Some people think that déjà vu means you are crossing wires with someone else who has experienced something you are now experiencing. This is an interesting theory, and whether or not it’s true, you can use moments of déjà vu to feel the connection between you and everyone else around you.

Maybe you crossed wires with your neighbor or friend or the stranger sitting in the coffee shop. Who knows?

The point is that we are all connected, and déjà vu can be a reminder of how deeply that connection can run.

7. Play The ‘I Wonder’ Game

There are times where we get too stuck in our head about interpretations and outcomes.

We may become fixed on why we had déjà vu and then make some possible determinations that have the potential to hold us back from enjoying the moment and going forward with our personal growth.

If you have any negative thoughts or decisive determinations around your déjà vu, play the ‘I wonder’ game.

Ask yourself things, such as:

  • I wonder how I can use this information going forward.
  • I wonder if someone else had déjà vu at the same time as me.
  • I wonder if this déjà vu is going to result in something good for me.
  • I wonder what changes I should make going forward.

By asking ‘I wonder’ questions, you open yourself up to possibilities and take limits off yourself. This can greatly benefit your personal growth.

8. Every Time You Have Déjà Vu, Create A New Challenge or Goal

Some people believe that déjà vu is telling us that we are on the right path. If you believe this, use déjà vu to your advantage and take some extra action to keep you moving down that path.

You may want to create a challenge that helps you become better at something or adopt a new habit into your life.

Or you may want to investigate whatever the déjà vu meant to you and add goals to your life based off what you find.

Get creative with this and use the idea that déjà vu means you are on the right path to take some massive action in your life!

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