8 Affirmations That Will Make You Want To Pray More

Prayer is important because it is a way to connect with a higher power. Whether you believe in a specific god or not, prayer can help you to feel more connected to the universe and to something bigger than yourself. It can be a source of strength and comfort, and it can help you to focus on what is truly important in life. If you are feeling the need to pray more, then these affirmations can help.

pray more affirmations

1. I Am Worthy Of A Close Relationship With A Higher Power

If you are struggling to make time for prayer, affirming that you are worthy of a close relationship with a higher power can help you to make prayer a priority.

You may not totally be conscious of it, but it’s easy to feel like you are not worthy of a higher power’s love and help.

Of course, you may be totally conscious of it and flat-out believe, “Why would a higher power care about me?”

When you feel unworthy of love from a higher power, it can be difficult to open up in prayer and build a relationship with that higher power.

Affirming your worthiness of a close relationship with a higher power can help you to feel more comfortable praying and allow you to focus on your relationship with whoever or whatever a higher power is to you.

2. I Am Not Alone, Even When I Feel Like It

Even if everyone forsakes you, it’s a comfort to know that you still have a connection to a higher power through prayer. That higher power is there for you always, no matter what is going on in your life.

By affirming this statement, we can open ourselves up to the connection and sense of companionship that comes from prayer.

3. Prayer Gives Me Strength

Prayer gives us strength. And this is a great reason to pray more.

Prayer strengthens our relationship with a higher power, it gives us peace and hope, and it helps us to grow in grace.

Prayer boosts our confidence and helps us keep going forward when we feel like we want to stop. It helps us to be mentally strong by letting go of distractions and despair.

When we pray, we are reaching out to the one who loves us most and who has all the power and authority to help us.

So when we affirm “Prayer gives me strength,” we are reminded of the truth that prayer is a tool that we can use for the strength we need in this life.

Prayer is a force for good in our lives, and it can change everything. It’s a great reason to pray more!

4. Prayer Helps Me To Focus On What Is Important

Prayer gives you a space to give up your worries and problems to a higher power, which helps you let go of the distractions that are keeping you from doing what you need and want to do.

When those distractions are gone, you can focus on what matters most.

Through prayer, give all your distractions and worries up to the source that knows everything is going to work out for you in the end.

5. Prayer Connects Me With The Divine

When you pray more, you are opening yourself up to the Divine. It’s a direct line that is easy and free.

No matter what your belief system is, when you set the intention to connect with a higher power, universe, or a god, you are opening yourself up to limitless possibilities. Being connected to the divine has many benefits.

It can:

  • Strengthen your spiritual practice.
  • Rebalance your life that feels off-kilter.
  • Remind yourself that there is more to life than just our physical bodies.
  • Help you feel connected to everyone around you.

Affirming that “prayer connects me with the Divine” can help shift your focus and open up your heart.

As a benefit, when you make prayer a habit and connect with the divine more, it becomes easier to hear the guidance of the divine. Your relationship strengthens, just like it does with any relationship you put effort into.

You may find that your prayers are answered in unexpected ways.

You may also find that you are more attuned to the signs and signals around you because you are so connected to a higher power.

All of these things can help you lead a more fulfilling life.

6. Prayer Opens My Heart

If you feel closed off from the world and disconnected from humanity, then this affirmation can help to remind you of the power of prayer and its ability to transform your life.

When you pray, you are opening your heart to a higher power and inviting it into your life. This will easily invite more love into your life.

As you pray more, you will find that your heart will be more open to a higher power’s leading and direction. You may also find that you are more patient, kind, and loving towards others as you start to feel a sense of oneness with everyone else.

Prayer truly has the power to change our lives for the better by opening our hearts and allowing more guidance and love into it.

7. Prayer Teaches Me Patience

The act of praying itself can teach you patience. Taking time out of your day to connect to a higher power through prayer requires you to put off other things for a few minutes.

Prayer is a way of spending time with a higher power and feeling a connection. It is a way of learning to trust that a higher power is there for you, even when the circumstances around you seem confusing or difficult.

So as you pray – and afterward, you should feel a sense of everything working out as it should, when it should. This contributes to you being more patient in all areas of your life.

8. Prayer Is A Gift From The Universe

Prayer is a powerful and FREE tool that can help to bring about positive change in our lives.

Prayer can help us to overcome challenges, find strength in difficult times, and connect with our deepest desires.

By affirming that “Prayer is a gift from the universe,” we are setting the intention to receive all the good that prayer has to offer and the gifts the universe has for us.

This affirmation can help us to feel grateful for prayer, which will help us pray more and experience its multiple benefits.

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