12 Affirmations To Help You Let It Go

There are many things in life that we hold onto, even when they no longer serve us. Whether it’s a material possession, a grudge, or a bad habit, it can be difficult to let go of something that we’re attached to.

In some cases, we may be afraid of change or what will happen if we let go. We may also believe that we need whatever it is to survive or be happy. However, holding onto something can often do more harm than good. It can weigh us down emotionally and prevent us from moving forward.

If we’re holding onto something that isn’t good for us, it’s very important to let it go. This can be a difficult process, but it’s often necessary in order to find peace and happiness. The question is how to let it go when you are holding on to it so tightly. That’s where these affirmations come in.

The following affirmations can help you get into the mindset of someone who wants to let it go and is letting it go, and then, subsequently, actually let it go. It may not happen instantly, but if you affirm the following affirmations consistently, it will happen, and it will feel so good when it does.

12 Affirmations To Use When You Want To Let It Go

let it go

1. “I am letting go of _____.”

Fill in the blank with what you need to let go of. It could be a specific situation, worry, or obsession. Just saying it out loud- or even better, writing it down- can help you to let go.

Too often we say negative things, such as “I can’t let go of…” These negative affirmations hold us back from letting go because they are telling our subconscious mind that we can’t do it, and because our subconscious mind governs our actions and behaviors, we have a hard time letting go.

This is one reason why it’s important to use positive affirmations. They tell our subconscious mind what we really want it to believe.

2. “I am releasing _____.”

This affirmation is similar to the first, but with a focus on release. Instead of holding on to what’s bothering you, let it go and release it.

It is important to affirm that we are releasing something because it helps us to get over it. When we say out loud or to ourselves that we are releasing something, it allows us to let go of it on a mental and emotional level. This can be very powerful, especially if what we are releasing is something that has been bothering us for a long time.

By releasing it, we are making a decision to move on and not let it define us or our lives any longer. We are also choosing to focus on the future and what we want to attract into our lives, rather than dwelling on the past. So, affirming that we are releasing something can be an important step in helping us to move on from it.

3. “I am free from _____.”

By releasing the idea that we’re tied to this thing we are holding onto, we open up the possibility of actually being able to move on. It might not happen right away, but eventually, by affirming our freedom, we give ourselves the chance to be truly free.

This affirmation acknowledges that what’s bothering you is keeping you stuck and then declares that you are free from it. To boost this affirmation, visualize yourself letting go of whatever it is and being free from the burden.

4. “I am no longer attached to _____.”

This affirmation is a variation on the last, but it can help you visualize being free from what you are holding on to. The affirmation acknowledges that you may be attached to what’s bothering you, but affirms that you are no longer attached.

Visualize yourself cutting the cord that is keeping you attached to what you want to let go of, and then feel yourself detach from the situation, worry, or obsession, and let it go.

5. “I am releasing all attachments to _____.”

A stronger version of the previous affirmation, this one affirms that you are releasing all attachments to what’s bothering you. This means letting go of any and all attachments, including emotional attachments.

6. “I am no longer attached to the outcome of _____.”

We often focus on the outcome of something when we’re having a hard time letting it go. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or something else, we fixate on what we want the outcome to be. But sometimes, no matter how much we want something, we have to let it go.

We are great storytellers. So use that gift to create alternate endings and let go of the outcome you currently visualize in your mind.

For instance, if you can’t let go of something that you did wrong and you feel it’s going to ruin you (an outcome), then visualize it actually helping you out (another outcome). Maybe it leads you to something or someone that changes your life. Maybe it helps you avoid future mistakes instead of making a mistake of your future.

There are many possible outcomes, so let go of the attachment to what you believe is the outcome and you will have an easier time letting it go.

7. “I want to move forward now. I let go of _____.”

This affirmation acknowledges that you may be holding on to what’s bothering you out of fear or a desire to hold on to the past. But it affirms that you want to move forward now, and so you will now let go of whatever is holding you back.

The desire to move forward needs to be stronger than the desire to hold on to whatever you are holding on to, so use this affirmation often. Convince yourself that you desperately want to move forward and let go of things holding you in the past.

8. “I no longer need _____.”

This affirmation acknowledges that you may think you need whatever it is that’s bothering you. But the truth is, you don’t need it – and holding on to it is only causing harm. Let go of whatever it is and allow yourself to be free.

9. “I let go of _____ and all that it represents.”

This affirmation acknowledges that whatever it is you’re holding on to may represent something bigger than just one thing. But you CAN let go of all of it – the thing itself and everything that it represents.

You may need to sit down and use a journal for this affirmation to get clear on what it represents. Journaling affirmations and what they mean is a great way to make affirmations work better.

For instance, a friend of mine couldn’t let go of an ex-boyfriend. She didn’t think about what he represented to her, she just felt a sense of desperation to hold on to him and keep him in her life. When she sat down to discover what he represented to her, she discovered that he represented love, commitment, and stability, all things she wanted in her life. No wonder she couldn’t let him go! Her mind was telling her that she was heading into a world without love, commitment, or stability if she let him go. Once she realized this, she was able to realize that plenty of other people and things gave her love, commitment, and stability in her life and she could let go of the past relationship that actually didn’t give her those things.

10. “I let go of _____ and all of the emotions attached to it.”

This affirmation is similar to the previous one, but with a focus on emotions.

For instance, maybe the thing you are having a hard time letting go of used to make you happy but doesn’t anymore. Let go of the correlation between it and happiness and you will have an easier time letting it go.

11. “I let go of _____ and all of the thoughts attached to it.”

It’s also important to focus on thoughts. The statements we make in our minds (also called affirmations) can keep us stuck to something for a long time.

Whatever it is you’re holding on to may be attached to certain thoughts, such as ‘this is how it’s supposed to be’, or ‘this should have worked out’, or ‘I knew better than this’. But you can let go of those thoughts and this will help you let it go much easier.

12. “I let go of _____ and allow myself to be at peace.”

Oftentimes in life, we find ourselves holding onto something even though it doesn’t bring us joy. Hanging onto things that don’t bring us joy only cause us pain. This holds us back from vibrating at a higher emotion where we are able to attract the life we want.

The act of letting go can be liberating and can lead to inner peace.

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