12 Affirmations To Boost Your Ability To Forgive

It’s time to forgive. Forgiveness is important because it allows us to let go of anger and resentment and move on with our lives. It allows us to free ourselves from the chains of the past and live in the present. It’s a freeing experience to forgive, and we all need to do it – often. If you want to forgive someone, whether it’s yourself or someone else, then these affirmations can help you do so.

12 Affirmations That Will Help You Forgive Others And Yourself


1. I Am Willing To Forgive Those (Including Myself) Who Have Wronged Me

Sometimes it feels hard to allow ourselves to forgive. We don’t want to forgive! But, it’s important that we do.

By affirming that we are willing to forgive those who have wronged us, we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of healing and moving on.

2. I Am Capable Of Forgiving Others, No Matter How Difficult It May Be

Forgiveness is difficult, but it’s so important. When we affirm ‘I am capable of forgiving others, no matter how difficult it may be,’ we’re reminding ourselves that we have the strength to forgive.

We’re telling ourselves that we deserve peace and happiness, and that forgiveness is the path to achieving those things.

We’re telling ourselves how strong we are and capable of doing things that are hard.

So next time you’re struggling to forgive someone, say those words to yourself out loud. Affirm your capability and let go of the pain. You’ll be so much better for it in the long run.

3. I Deserve To Forgive Others, And Myself, In Order To Move On With My Life

If we want to add more forgiveness to our lives, it’s important to affirm that we deserve to forgive others, and ourselves.

By forgiving those who have wronged us, we can release ourselves from the pain of the past. And by forgiving ourselves, we can move forward with our lives with a sense of peace and compassion.

We DESERVE to have those things.

So if you’re looking to add more forgiveness to your life, remember to affirm that you deserve to forgive others, and yourself, in order to move on.

4. I Release All Anger And Resentment Towards Those Who Have Wronged Me

By affirming that we release anger and resentment towards others, we are sending a powerful message to ourselves that we are ready to move on from the past and open ourselves up to more positive experiences.

In other words, we are choosing to forgive.

When we make this choice, we open ourselves up to a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

5. I Choose To Forgive Others, In Order To Heal Myself

The act of forgiving can be incredibly healing, both for the person who was hurt and for the person who did the hurting. When we hold onto anger and resentment, it only hurts us in the end.

By telling ourselves that we choose to forgive, it becomes easier and more natural to let go of grudges and focus on the positive. We know it’s our choice and we are making the choice to do it.

In addition, this affirmation can help to shift our perspective from one of victimhood to one of empowerment. Instead of dwelling on the hurt that was inflicted upon us, we are choosing to focus on our own strength and resilience.

Ultimately, this affirmation reminds us that forgiveness is a choice – a choice that we make for ourselves, in order to heal our hearts and move forward in life.

6. I Am Strong Enough To Forgive Those Who Have Hurt Me

By affirming that “I am strong enough to forgive those who have hurt me,” we remind ourselves that we are powerful, even in the face of hurtful actions or words of others.

We have the strength to choose to let go of our grudges and focus on the positive aspects of our lives. When we make the decision to forgive, we open ourselves up to a more peaceful and joyful existence.

7. I Am Allowed To Forgive Others, Even If They Do Not Deserve It

Sometimes we have a voice in our heads telling us that we are not allowed to forgive someone (even ourselves). That voice says that if we forgive, we are giving them power and allowing them to get away with what happened.

We need to squash out that voice!

We are allowed to forgive anyone for anything.

We are allowed to stop tormenting ourselves and holding on to hate and anger and sadness.

We are ALLOWED to be happy.

So, when you hear that voice telling you that you are not allowed to forgive someone because they don’t deserve forgiveness, remember this affirmation.

8. Forgiving Others Is An Act Of Self-Love And Compassion

The act of forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. It allows us to let go of the hurt and pain that we have been holding onto, and it opens up the possibility for healing and reconciliation.

When we forgive others, we are also forgiving ourselves. We are releasing the anger and resentment that we have been carrying around, and we are choosing to move on.

Forgiving others is an act of self-love and compassion because it shows that we are willing to let go of the past and embrace a more positive future. By forgiving those who have wronged us, we are taking a step towards inner peace and happiness.

9. I Am Worthy Of Forgiving Others, And Myself

If you find yourself struggling to forgive others or yourself, it may be helpful to start by affirming your worthiness.

When you affirm that you are worthy of forgiving others, you’re sending a message to yourself that you deserve peace and compassion.

You’re also acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes and that we all have the capacity for change.

10. By Forgiving Others, I Create A More Peaceful World Within And Around Me

True forgiveness is a powerful act that can have a profound effect on our lives. When we forgive others, we let go of anger and resentment, freeing ourselves from negative emotions that can drain our energy and cause stress.

Forgiveness can also lead to healing old wounds, allowing us to move on from the past and create a more peaceful present.

In addition, forgiveness can have a ripple effect, positively impacting the lives of those around us. When we let go of anger and resentment, we make it easier for others to do the same, creating a more forgiving world for all.

11. I Deeply And Completely Love And Accept Myself, Even If I Have Difficulty Forgiving Others

It is important to affirm that you deeply and completely love and accept yourself because it allows you to approach situations from a place of self-respect. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and say that you love and accept yourself, flaws and all, it becomes much easier to extend that same forgiveness to others.

We all make mistakes, and we all have difficulty forgiving at times, but when we can start from a place of self-love, it becomes much easier to find compassion for others.

So if you’re looking to add more forgiveness into your life, start by affirming your own worthiness of love and respect. From there, it will be much easier to find forgiveness for those who have wronged you.

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